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How to Continue to Build on Relationships During COVID-19

How to Continue to Build on Relationships During COVID-19

| November 09, 2020

While I am new to Preferred Wealth Advisors, I think many of you might have seen me running around at a client event or party in the past 22 years of my life. And if you’ve met me before, you probably got the sense that I am a big relationship person (I might have gotten that from my mom). Remembering people’s names and faces are a top skill of mine because I genuinely care for the people I meet and remember them. In the beginning stages of the pandemic, I felt so incredibly isolated and alone, as I’m sure most people did. And then I started working at Preferred Wealth Advisors in June as a Client Relationship Manager. But what do relationships look like in a virtual world? It seems like so many of the relationship fundamentals require personal interaction. But while it feels like relationship building is at an all time low, I have found some ways to keep building upon them even as we find ourselves in a socially distanced world.

  1. Snail Mail? More like a Better Letter!

One of my all time favorite things to do is write handwritten letters. It allows me to clear my brain and just write for a while. I found that during the pandemic, this touch of handwritten notes felt amazing to send and connect with friends and family on a different level. Also, it feels really nice to receive a piece of mail that isn’t a bill, so I love to pass on that good feeling to others! My Grandma and I write back and forth pretty frequently- often just writing about our days and what we’re up to. It’s a great change of pace from the virtual-ness of my everyday life and gives my eyes (and brain) a much needed screen break!

  1. Not just strictly business

Now that many meetings are taking place via the zoom-sphere, it seems like we are skipping my favorite parts of the meeting- the before and after- and just getting right to business. Now, I’m all for getting to the point, but even a quick minute or two at the beginning of the meeting to genuinely ask how your attendees are doing can go a long way. So make it a point, and go past the “How are you?... I’m fine” formalities. Can you dedicate five minutes to the beginning of each meeting to play the catch up game you normally would play during in-person meetings? Personally, I think that touch makes me feel so much more connected and engaged with the rest of the meeting. Also, instead of apologizing that your puppy is barking in the background- bring him into the picture!! Pets always make people smile and I’m sure your furry friend would love to see another face too!

  1. Social Media for the win!

Luckily, we live in a world where it is much easier to stay connected, even when not in person. I have found myself engaging with my friends and family on Facebook more frequently than I did prior to the pandemic. So instead of shrugging off Social Media, join in! Download snapchat to chat with your younger kids or grandkids- I promise they will love it!

  1. Pick up that phone

I know, people my age hate actually calling people. But during this time period, just hearing someone and chatting with them about nothing and everything can be so fun and soothing. Calling and checking in with loved ones is also important during this time. I try to make a goal to call at least one person each week to stay connected with my friends and family. If you need someone to talk to, call the office! I’d always love to chat with you.

  1. Get creative

So many businesses and organizations have been “pivoting” to incredible things! Make an event out of attending an online trivia night or movie screening. Personally, I was impressed with the Mallards’ stadium- The Duck Pond- that transformed into a safe, drive-in movie theatre! While you might not be able to build your network and relationships in the ways you could prior to the pandemic, there are a plethora of creative opportunities to do so now!

I am excited that more and more clients are safely coming into the office in person (when they are comfortable), and I look forward to the time when we can gather again and celebrate. But until then, I am eager to continue to build my relationships with those around me using these methods. I hope you found these helpful and can use them to build your relationships as this pandemic carries on.