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Our Financial Planning Approach

At Preferred Wealth Advisors, we take a comprehensive approach to retirement financial planning and create customized plans that show our clients where the gaps are and how to fix them. We first listen to our clients to understand their unique goals and get a clear picture of their current financial life. We then analyze the plan, spot gaps and prioritize any resulting recommendations.

We work alongside our clients to check and test the plans, particularly when major life events occur.

Steps in our financial planning process are:

  1. Setting goals with the client and establishing scope of the relationship
  2. Gathering relevant quantitative and qualitative data from the client
  3. Analyzing the information from a variety of financial perspectives
  4. Constructing a financial plan, communicating it with client, and obtaining feedback
  5. Implementing any necessary actionable items
  6. Monitoring the implementation and reviewing/amending the plan as needed