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March Madness is here!

March Madness is here!

| March 08, 2021

As March Madness approaches, bracket selection seems to be the hot topic of discussion among friends, teammates, at the office… almost anywhere you look, you can find a competitive NCAA  basketball pool to play in. We are even hosting a March Madness bracket at our office! If you'd like to participate, download our bracket here after March 15th and email with your completed bracket!

Many fantasy players use what seem like crazy, superstitious ways to pick a team. Some do it strictly by their favorite mascots. No matter how you choose your fantasy lineup, wouldn’t it be great to set up a near-perfect bracket and pull out a win this year? If you’re thinking yes, check out this Forbes article that has links to three tried-and-true methods for securing a March Madness pool win.

Here are some well-researched methods to use as you approach your March Madness Bracket!

1. Consider how to rank teams

Are you the kind of person who fills out their bracket based on statistics of the season and points scored per game? Or are you like me, and rank based on how cool the mascot is or the "winningness" level of the team's name (Gonzaga just sounds like a winner)? Whatever your method, there's some research to support the randomness of your choices!

2. How large is your bracket pool?

Of course, this concept makes logical sense- the larger the pool you play in, the less room you have for error if you're shooting for the win. So, consider joining a few smaller pools instead of larger ones to increase your odds!

3. Perfection is overrated

Did you know that there are over nine quintillion combinations of picks you could make for a bracket! The odds that you pick a perfect bracket are slim, so why not have fun with it!

4. It's fun to pick the underdog!

While it might not be as statistically likely, picking an underdog can have great payoffs! Why not give them a shot?

So, how do you choose to fill out your March Madness bracket? Whatever the way is, best of luck this Madness season!

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